30 May 2008

In Other News

According to the New York Post, Susan Sarandon threatened to move to Canada or Italy if John McCain wins this November. You know, because she's so patriotic.

To Sue, we would ask: do you promise?

Before and after the 2004 Presidential election many prominent leftists swore they'd flee to Canada in the event the haughty, French-looking Senator from Massachusetts (who bytheway served in Vietnam) lost. Inexplicably (and much to our dismay) they remain in the good ol' U.S. of A. Any bets on whether or not Ms. Sarandon makes good on her threat?

All of this to say, simply, that when John McCain wins in November, we think Sue will stay in the States.

(And Italians and Canadians will let out a collective sigh of relief)

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RD said...

These kinds of comments from celebrities are a continual reminder of their lack of judgment. Everyone in America is free to speak their mind - the uneducated singers from rock bands, movie stars, the rest - but they, like Jake and me and anyone else who states an opinion in the public sphere, will be held accountable for their views.

So, how does Sarandon's view hold up under scrutiny? First, as Jake predicts, of course she will not move away from America if McCain is elected (though she may buy a summer home in the Riviera). Our capitalist system has made her rich. Second, this kind of a statement is just stupid. To pretend that any president, no matter how much you disagree with them, has the power to make America so much worse that it is worth moving away, is preposterous - especially when we know that Congress will likely be Dem territory. For example: I disagree with Obama's views, and I'm not ecstatic about some of their implications, but I know that if he is elected the country will not suddenly become so unlivable that I will want to move somewhere with half the living standards we have here. And, from Sarandon's liberal viewpoint, McCain certainly won't be worse than Bush, so if she were going to move away due to adverse political conditions, she would have been more likely to do it under Bush than McCain.

But, I agree with Jake that it might be nice for a few of these types of people to head for the border.

RD said...

Also ironic is that Italy just reelected center-right wing leader Silvio Berlusconi. Berlusconi is the perfect portrait of corruption, a business magnate who controls much of Italy's media and makes good money off of his position. Compared to Berlusconi, McCain is a saint. Berlusconi is certainly worse for Italy than McCain would be for America, from a left-wing point of view. But, Serandon probably isn't aware of political conditions in Italy or anywhere else for that matter.

Ben Walser said...

When I first read Ms. Sarandon's statement on this, I had the exact same reaction: You promise?

kannie said...

Amen, brothers!!! ;-)