16 May 2008

We've Got Some News For Senator Obama

Obedwards? Really?

If only Obama and his handlers could be so good to Republicans. Running against an Obama-Edwards ticket would be a dream come true for John McCain.

Is John Edwards supposed to help Senator Obama with blue collar Democrats? Edwards is the guy who spends hundreds of dollars on hair cuts, lives in a multi-million dollar mansion, and made his money as a trial lawyer (admittedly, a strong Democratic constituency).

Obama's ignorance of West Virginia and Kentucky is of a piece with his "bitter" comments in San Francisco. We know how some of our Democratic friends feel about "small-town hicks." They, like their fav. candidate, can barely conceal their contempt for these people and their favorite issues.

As our friend Morgan would say, "we've got a newsflash for you, Walter Cronkite," Obama is going to need these voters to win the election in the fall. Otherwise, he'll be just another Michael Dukakis.


Speaking of Republican electoral dreams, liberals seem hell-bent on aligning the stars for Republicans in a year when they need everything to go right to win the White House or even hope to maintain seats (to say nothing of picking up new ones) in Congress. We're talking, of course, about the California Supreme Court decision to allow gay marriage. This, in defiance of 61% of California voters who, in 2000, voted in favor of an initiative defining marriage as between a man and a woman.

Word out of California is that gay marriage opponents will have sufficient signatures to put a California State Constitution amendment on the ballot this November defining, once again, marriage as between a man and a woman.

In an uninspiring year for conservative voters, this could be just the thing to get them out to vote. And if they're already there voting on this amendment, it's likely they'll also vote for John McCain (and other conservative Republicans).

(evil genius alert: this ruling is probably one of Karl Rove's sinister plans)

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RD said...

In the month or so leading up to John Edwards' withdrawal from the race, it was clearly obvious that he (1) expected Obama to win and (2) wanted the VP spot. He teamed up with Obama in attacking Clinton on many occasions, and was very careful not to insult the Senator from Illinois. I knew at that time that he would be going for the VP spot. He has simply waited carefully until now, when it is obvious that Obama will get the nod, to endorse him. Very transparent. You are right to say that this ticket is bad for Democrats and good for Republicans. Edwards is nothing more than an ambulance-chasing populist with little understanding of the common man.

buruboi said...

This topic is mute because Edwards is not going to be Obama's VP. He needs someone who is center-left, experienced, a white-male, and able to increase Obama's chances in a key region. Edwards fulfills only one of those criteria.

Still, I take issue with the implication, as I've interpreted this post, that wearing an expensive haircut, living in a mansion, and starting out as a trail lawyer renders one incapable of attracting blue collar workers. Many rich politicians who lived illustrious lives enjoyed the support of "small-town hicks".
Moreover, you left out the important fact that Edwards rhetoric is populist, his pitch egalitarian (i.e. two Americas). You may find that rhetoric disingenuous, but that doesn't mean it won't resonate with small-town America.

Ben Treasure said...

Yes, Edwards' message carries a populist appeal. No, he will not be a running mate. Dems learned that the first time around with Edwards when he couldn't even deliver his home state to John Kerry in 2004.

Also, not really a great time to be a Republican after all... How about three consecutive GOP losses in Congressional special elections? All in long-held Republican districts in Illinois, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

Matt said...

In follow up to the Congressional special elections, I really dont care that much for the Presidential election anymore due to the fact that as a conservative I have directed my focus to what could be the Republican blood-bath in the House and Senate this fall. I believe the outcomes of those elections will have a much more dramatic effect on the direction of the country than the election of Hillary, Obama, McCain, Nader, Gore, or Paul.

MJ said...

Great writing as always guys, great piece. I love the blog! (now please forgive me for disagreeing with the bulk of this article)

More Americans (pure numbers here) poll out to identify with Edwards, more than McCain. On age alone, forget how much he makes. Americans care about age. Two smiling, attractive gentlemen you would introduce to your sister poll WAY better than 'ol liver-spot Grandpa and WHOEVER he trots out there with him on the trail.

Further, if we must discuss how much people make and the type of home they live in.... who knows what the McCains are worth? His wife wont even disclose her tax info (flashback: McCain himself complained until Kerry's wife turned in the exact same information in the last election). Unless you know what McCain is worth, I find it unfair to call out Edwards for being more successful than the "common man."

Gentlemen...its weird. I've never heard so many conservatives say the exact same thing Matt did, "I really dont care for the Pres. election anymore....congress...seats...blah, blah, blah...." Can you help me identify the cause of this?

What it all boils down to is it doesn't matter who he picks. You know it, and I know it. Dudes on the right are bailing ship left and right..err, sorry, they are not interested in the Presidential election. Obama will win. Again, Obama will win. But the dems are actually not that interested in the biggest election anymore either...The Dems are concerned with securing the filibuster proof congress.

Anonymous said...


buruboi said...

MJ, I wouldn't give the election to Obama just yet. He may be the favorite, but most polls place him and McCain neck and neck. You're certainly right, however, to suggest that Dems have the upper hand.

Anonymous WFB foot soldier, thanks for proofreading my comments!