08 May 2008

Happy Birthday, Israel

60 years.

That's how long modern Israel has been in existence. Considering its precarious position in the Middle East, their mere existence is quite an accomplishment. But they've achieved more than just survival.

Today, Israel is a modern, successful democracy experiencing strong economic growth. And this, despite Hezbollah Katyushas and Hamas suicide bombers.

Felicitations, Israel.

*UPDATE 12 May 1:22am MST: We agree with Mark Steyn, Israel is the only liberal democracy in the Middle East (may Iraq soon join it). His article, commemorating Israel's 60th anniversary and commenting on the challenges it faces, is a must-read.

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buruboi said...

Did you see the silly Atlantic article questioning whether Israel is finished?

Its not just 60 years of survival. As a nation (not a state), Israel has been beating the odds for millennia.

Happy Birthday, Israel.

jody said...

Some would argue that Israel lacks sovereignty, and is, as a result, not a state. Making a birthday facetious and imaginary.

Not a stretch.