10 March 2008

Harry Reid's Nuts 2: A Report On The Contraction, Not The Possesive

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Harry Reid's Nuts 1

Things have been relatively quiet out of the Reid camp for the last month or so. In fact, the last Big Thing from the Senate was that they passed the Protect American Act when Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the House Democrats wouldn't.

For those scoring at home, mark Reid's capitulation a win for America, Republicans, and President Bush. Mark it a loss for moveon.org and paranoid Daily Kossacks.

This post should probably be titled "Harry Reid's Fiscally Irresponsible Just Like Every Other Tax & Spend Democrat," but that doesn't have the virtue of being punny. So, we'll stick with the established meme.

Roll Call reports that Harry Reid won't back a ban on earmarks
. Probably because he doesn't want to run afoul of John Murtha.

Does anyone remember the Democratic campaign promises of 2006?

Voters threw out the free-spending Republicans and replaced them with free-spending Democrats.

Bravo, voters, bravo.

*Update 4:50pm MST: This might have been a better target of this feature: Reid Compares GOP Filibusters to Aggravated Assault.

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