29 January 2008

Harry Reid's Nuts: A Report On The Contraction, Not The Possessive

(hat tip: our brother Matt)
Been looking for a gimmicky feature for the blog and after listening to Senator Harry Reid on the Doug Wright show on KSL this morning on the way up Little Cottonwood Canyon, Matt suggested using Harry Reid. Done and done.

Never thought we'd see the day where we missed Tom Daschle. Okay, still don't miss Daschle. But love the picture.

On KSL, in the midst of a heartfelt memorial about the impact President Gordon B. Hinckley had on the public perception of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Doug Wright asked Harry to recall his favorite moment with President Gordon B. Hinckley.

The moment Reid chose to recall? One that makes him look like a crybaby. He said that he attended a meeting in Las Vegas and despite being one of the highest ranking somethings, he wasn't given a seat at the head table. So President Hinckley, apparently reading Reid's mind about the perceived slight, spoke for a few minutes about Reid.

In Harry's mind, Hinckley's mention of Read amounted to a "chastise[ment]" of the event organizers (and anyone else who has a problem with Reid's Democratic politics, so there) for their un-Christian-like behavior in denying him a seat at the big table. Puh-lease. Seems more like a case of Harry projecting his own inferiority complex plus a healthy dose of narcissism.

Remember, this is the same Harry Reid who, when looking at polling data about Iraq in early spring 2007, was practically jumping for joy about the future prospects for Democrats if America lost in Iraq. Yup, Dems, this Senate leader makes you proud to be an American. Who else could be cheerleader to America's enemies? Who else could be gleeful that a loss for America would mean an electoral win for his own party?

Yup, Harry's nuts. And you'll hear all about it, all the time, here at OL&L.

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Crumbling Ideals said...

Gordon Hinckley, RIP
Mitt Romney, RIP

Matt said...

Hey, that was kinda witty. Who art thou, crumbling ideals?

Christopher said...

I don't think this is the end of Romney, any small event or slipup could put McCain in the hotseat with the Republicans that are seemingly giving him a pass for his past lack of sense, voting someone in just for electibility is the reason that nothing - nothing get's done in Washington, Romney is correct. And instead of voting him in now, after 4 years of McCain or Clinton the Republicans will be wondering why they made such a mistake.

crumbling cookies said...

John Edwards, RIP
Dennis Kucinich, UFO