07 March 2008

Health Care, BYUSA, & Cambridge

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(hat tip: Ryan Decker, Pendulum Politics)

If you haven't already checked it out, there's a good debate about the economics of health care taking place in the comments section of this post.

We have a number of things to say about health care, some of which we've already said (here and here). Beyond maximizing efficiency, something Spikers and Decker and Branden know more about than we do, one must also consider individual liberty. Growth of statist programs like universal health care limit personal liberty. As you might have guessed from the title of this blog, liberty is an important principle to us.

So, let the debate about the relative economic merits of universal health care continue, but remember liberty.

One other thing from the comments section of that blog post: Backhanded compliments like Mike_D's highlight one of the strengths of this blog--its intelligent, educated, and well-informed readership. Cheers to y'all.


Speaking of educated and intelligent, a friend of ours from our Cambridge PKP days, BYU alum, and current Cambridge grad student, Dan Kim, has started blogging from the Oxbridge perspective. We just have one question for Dan: do we really rant?

Welcome to the blog network, Dan.

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1 comment:

Dan Kim said...

Well, now I actually have to make intelligent entries in my blog - that may take some effort.

Maybe "rant" is a bit strong. Would you prefer "Soapbox"? How about this: I'll let you pick a title for your blog, anything you want.

One more thing: I know you don't write much about sports here, but I think the current Seattle Supersonics atrocity deserves some of your perspective (if you are a fan).