04 March 2008

It's The E! TV, Stupid: A Couple Of Thoughts On Hillary & Barack

If Hillary plays true to form, we expect that she will fight on even if she loses Ohio and Texas. And this, we think, will reveal her true political motivation: power.

Contesting votes in Florida and Michigan and reportedly, Texas, could do irreparable damage to the Democratic party (cue schadenfreude). As they are pretty much ideological twins, her only motivation for fighting on would be ambition. To do so would make it more likely that John McCain beats the eventual Democratic nominee.

Here's to hoping Hillary keeps on keeping on(!)--till the Democratic convention.


We watched Hillary on last week's Saturday Night Live. At one point with both Hillary and Amy Poehler on screen together, Poehler started imitating Hillary's "signature" laugh and Hillary turned and said, "do I really laugh like that?"

(Click here to see the video: the moment to which we refer occurs at the 9:20 mark)

For a robotic candidate, whose tearful moments seem manufactured, this was by far the most human we have ever seen her.


It occurred to us last night that Barack Obama's appeal to Democratic voters makes more sense than we previously thought.

Yeah, we know, for our part, this is a pretty big admission.

To wit, for a party obsessed with it's Hollywood celebrity endorsements, of course they would vote for a rock star.

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jody said...

My feelings, embodied in a direct quote from the Economist;
"There is an ancient Greek myth, retold in Aeschylus's play “Seven against Thebes”, about two sons of Oedipus who fought so bitterly over who should inherit their father's kingdom that they ended up slaughtering each other. This could be the Democrats' Theban moment."

MJ said...

(Long exasperated breath)

Jake, Jake, Jake... irreparable damage? Do you think in today's media climate, a lengthy primary process still presents damage the way it did 20, 40, or 50 years ago?

Ask John McCain, he remembers those days.

Can you please begin a series of articles on who of these three candidates will make the best SNL character? which makes the most compelling TV?

MJ said...

And come on bro, you are a smart guy...Don't you think she is locking up the Veep nod?