11 March 2008

Geraldine Ferraro "hearts" Barack Obama

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We've written about the racism of liberal elites here, here, and here. Geraldine Ferraro's comment--that Barack is fortunate to be in his position because of his race--borrows from the same subtle theme.

It's not the overt, burn-a-cross-in-the-front-yard type of racism people associate with the Klan. And it's not even the self-congratulatory racism of Hillary Clintons comment about LBJ "giving" blacks civil rights. As though civil rights were liberals' rights to give.

No, this racism is the invidious racism borne of the paternalistic, liberal-state-knows-best affirmative action policies. In liberal America, Geraldine Ferraro, Hillary Clinton and others of their ilk are the dispensers of justice and equality. Supposedly, they're not racist because they give minorities opportunities they don't, were it not for affirmative action policies, merit.

It's why Clarence Thomas keeps his Yale law degree in a box in his basement. He earned his way in and was one of the best students, but because Yale was known to practice affirmative action, Thomas couldn't get a job with top law firms because it was assumed he was a subpar candidate.

Thus, when Barack Obama becomes the Democratic nominee for President, it won't be because he's an incredibly articulate and talented politician (which, admittedly, he is). It will be because Geraldine Ferraro, et al., were enlightened enough to give him a chance he wouldn't otherwise deserve.

Barack is right. He doesn't like being patted on the head and told how well he is doing. Who would?

This type of condescending racism doesn't belong in America.

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mj said...

Laughable!!! Jacob you have done it again! Brilliant take, albeit completely disturbing....I think it time someone set you straight again. You're starting to sound like Laura Ingrahm. lol

Are you honestly going to be able to sleep at night after writing that Hilary Clinton and LBJ have done nothing for minorities? I'm sure the JC Watts and Alan Keyes of the world agree with you, however most African American voters today have praised the Clinton's for nearly two decades now. I think they also voted greater than 88% for Clinton. So how does that logic add up?

Second, Sir, Clarence Thomas could not get a job because he was black, not because he went to Yale. Don't believe everything you hear on 60 Minutes.

And finally, please refer to that sickening hate-organization by it's full name. Your use of "the Klan" reads very poorly, even to us racist liberals.

Please explain why so many African Americans vote Democratic if that is the party of intolerance....

Also, please explain why so many of the fundamentalist churches, who vote about 90% Republican, have only recently begun welcome the African American community into their places of worship and clergy.....

Don't get it twisted, I am glad to see more African Americans in the GOP (the same party that brought us grand 'ol fashioned "burn-a-cross-in-the-front-yard" racism. In fact, in 20 years, this article will read the same, only instead of minorities, you will be discussing homosexuals. It's a cycle...first you all got down with women....then you began to include African Americans....one day it will be the gays. That's just how it works!




MJ said...
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MJ said...


Oh, and I'm guessing you are having trouble getting all the politcians named Barack mixed up...

Why do you republican blogers continue to use Barack's middle name? Isn't that insensitive, rude, rascist, and under-handed?


These are the politics of the GOP. DONT BE MISTAKEN READERS!!! Right out of the old Rove handbook, right? Gosh I miss Karl...

If you miss Karl too, please WATCH THIS RIGHT NOW...