19 January 2008

South Carolina, Nevada, &c.

- We watched Mike Huckabee on Hannity and Colmes today and were impressed, again, with his articulate affability. This guy can talk. And he's friendly. Our brother, who had not heard him speak before, was equally impressed. If only he were a truly conservative candidate.

- A friend called today and informed us that she is a precinct captain for Mitt Romney. She was proud to report that she had persuaded 7 friends to go with her to her caucus in Nevada. It's good to see that not everyone is jaded about presidential politics.

- We'd actually like to see Fred Thompson win South Carolina. Like everyone else, we had great hopes for candidate Thompson--thought he might be able to channel some sort of inner/actor-Ronald Reagan mojo and unite and galvanize Republicans everywhere. He didn't. Instead he constantly reminds us in word ('I don't really care to be President, but if I made it, it'd be cool') and deed (seemingly lazy/lackadaisical campaigning) that he doesn't seem serious about the whole thing. If Fred would actually show that he wants this thing, people might take him seriously and vote for him. Maybe.

- Good to see Bill Clinton on the campaign trail. CNN showed him berating some poor reporter. Doesn't he know that the MSM loves Democrats--especially him? We suppose the reporter was probably guilty of straying from the usual questions:

Reporter: Why are you so awesome?
Bill Clinton: [affects southern accent] When I was President the economy was strong and the world loved us.
Reporter: [dog-begging-for-food look]
Bill Clinton: No more questions?
Reporter: Would you sign my book? [hands over well-worn copy of "My Life"]
Bill Clinton: [signs "Bill Clinton, & "vote for me", scratches out "me" writes "Hillary" ]

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Matt said...

Are you referring to some other brother?

I was simply remarking, as I had before, that the dude can turn a phrase.

Lees said...

That captain in Nevada is one very cool lady!