16 January 2008

Hillary beat nobody!

We've been pounding on this pretty much all week (here, here, and here) because the issue just wont go away. Al Sharpton has weighed in (thank goodness for that) and according to Bill Clinton, a truce has been declared, but black voters don't seem to agree.

From James Taranto's 16 January Best of the Web, per the exit polls:
Mrs. Clinton won big among whites (63% to 31%) but lost even bigger among blacks (30% to 68%). Among white voters, Mrs. Clinton did better among women (71% to 25%) than among men (54% to 38%). But among nonwhite (mostly black) voters, she did better among men (45% to 54%) than women (34% to 64%).
Running against nobody, African-Americans voted overwhelmingly against Hillary Clinton. As we've written before, we're glad to see black voters reject the white-liberal-knows-best non-sense. We wish they wouldn't reject it in favor of identity politics, but as has become of the theme of this election, any change is good.

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