31 January 2008

BYU Mock Presidential Primary

We received the following email from our friends over at BYU Political Review:Eventsters and Politicos:

Want to watch the Presidential Candidates duke it out?...Well, you'll probably have to go to California for that. But at BYU we have representatives of the campaigns who are willing to debate all the top issues.

This Thursday from 7-9 PM we'll be holding BYU's Presidential Primary Debate in MARB 445.

Democrats will be debating from 7-8
Republicans will be debating from 8-9

Half of the debate will be moderated questions and debate, the other half will be unfiltered audience questions.

Come prepared to learn more and/or catch them off guard.We're sure we don't know what the "Democrats" are going to debate, but it will probably the same as their big brother and sister. You know, who's going to raise taxes faster and bring the troops home sooner: different degrees of the same thing.

Chris Matthews: From the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, California, I'm Chris Matthews and this is the final Democratic debate before Super Tuesday!
Matthews: I'm here with Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and strangely, John Edwards.
Matthews: My first question is for Edwards. (directs self to John Edwards) I thought you dropped out of the race?
Edwards: Thanks, Chris. You clearly don't know the meaning of the word "suspend." I just
suspended my campaign, I didn't drop out. (laughs nervously)
Matthews: Okay, whatever. Senator Clinton, how did you feel when Senator Obama wouldn't shake your hand at HitlerBush's State of the Union?
Clinton: Frankly, Chris, I was hurt. I mean, Senator Obama knows I'm sensitive and have feelings, we all saw that in New Hampshire, right?

Anyway. Go, if you can.

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Edwards 2012 said...

hey, be nice!

Kidney Shifter said...

Romney, 5 1/2"
McCain, 5 1/2"
Hillary, 0"
Obama, fits racial stereotypes