15 December 2008

Nostalgic For Saddam OR Shoe Throwing Idiots

To the Bush-hating left, the shoe-throwing idiot in Baghdad is a hero--a hero that prompted more than 200 lawyers to offer their services, for free.

Imagine if the man had thrown his shoe at Saddam. If you've forgotten about Hussein's reign of terror, consider this short anecdote that relates what happened to a couple of young men who "competed" with Saddam's son, Uday, for the affections of some unfortunate young woman.
A chief executioner to one of Saddam's sons has revealed how he helped drag two victims into a cage to be devoured by lions.

The executioner said that he was ordered to seize two 19-year-old students and take them to a farm of Uday Hussein, Saddam's oldest son who was killed by American forces last week.

As soon as they arrived the students were dragged to a cage containing the lions and forced inside. "I saw the head of the first student literally come off his body with the first bite," he said. He then had to stand and watch the animals devour the two young men: "By the time they were finished there was little left but for the bones and bits and pieces of unwanted flesh."

He was told later that the two young men "had competed with Uday where some young ladies were concerned."
Yeah, things were a lot better back in the good ol' days.

The shoe-throwing idiot should be glad that instead of being fed to lions, he'll have America's best trial lawyers defending him in court.

(h/t James Taranto)

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