28 December 2008

Don't Blame Israel

Palestine, whatever that is, is ruled by a terrorist-cum-political party, Hamas. They launch attack after attack on Israel and usually, Israel doesn't respond. Mostly, they do this, because the world sympathizes with the Palestinians and hates Israel.

When Israel does respond, we get the usual. And by usual, I mean Israel is condemned, by everyone, for violating cease fires which had already been violated hundreds, if not thousands of times by Hamas.

And Hamas is just like their terrorist friends to the north (Hezbollah) and throughout the world: They use civilians as human shields and political tools. They hide their missile launch sites & HQs and whatnot in hospitals and schools and when Israel takes those launch sites out, some innocents die. It sucks.

They aren't ignorant about this. They know that pictures of hurt Palestinian children on the interweb will get them sympathy and credibility and a soapbox and probably most important, more funding, strike that--"humanitarian aid"-- (I wish I knew how to do the strikethrough) from Europe & the Muslim world and out and out support from Jimmy effing Carter.

Because Israel isn't willing to use its citizens as political props, they have to do whatever they can do to defend themselves. Look folks, if you think Israel is at fault here, you need to study a little history. Sure, they haven't always acted in good faith, but they are not the ones seeking the annihilation of another nation/people like many of their close-border enemies--including the ruling Palestinian political party.

In fact, I think it's written into Hamas's party platform--"Running water, Electricity, and above all else, death to every Israeli man, woman, & child." It's why they're friends with and effectively the proxy for Iran & Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Remember all that "stinking corpse" nuke-'em-off-the-face-of-the-earth rhetoric? Yeah.

But where was the outrage when "Palestinian militants" launched a rocket the day before that killed, rather than just wounding, two Israeli schoolgirls?

Do you think Israel would ever attack Hamas if not for the incessant bombing and rocketing and terrorizing of Israel by Hamas and their agents? Exactly.

According to this report, "Palestinian militants" have rained down more than 3000 rockets and mortars on Israel in 2008--during the supposed cease fire.

All the criticism of Israel? Pure moral equivalence and in some cases, blatant anti-semitism.

Blame Hamas for using kids as shields and props, not Israel for killing the bad guys.

(h/t Mr. Ace-O-Spades)

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