12 December 2008

The Big GOP Comeback: Rove's Blueprint

This is good stuff.

Evil genius, Karl Rove, laid out 7 areas of focus for Republicans:

1. Create something like James Carville's Democracy Corps--an institution designed to identify popular issues through polling and further, how to give those issues a conservative spin.

2. Train the next generation so that they can match conservative principles to the problems of today.

3. Follow the Texas model and register new Republican voters--Catholics, Hispanics, suburban & ex-urban families.

4. Create cost-effective 3rd party organizations to help elect Republicans to the House & Senate.

5. Focus on state legislative races: 2010 will bring redistricting and with it, the power for state legislatures to be game changers.

6. Revitalize conservative new media and use this medium to reach out to younger voters and others, mentioned above.

7. Strengthen the relationship between GOP policymakers and conservative policy thinkers--think tanks, scholars, academics, and others.
The GOP has the right principles to become the majority party again. What it must have are fresh, energetic voices who apply those principles to meeting the needs of American families. And it must put in place the infrastructure that will take that message and amplify it.
Like EG Karl said, we've had a few wins (Chambliss, & LA congressional races) since Obama's Big Win in November. Ever the party of eternal optimism, we are Happy Warriors.

Here's to our own Big Wins in 2010 & Romney (or Jindal or Palin) in 2012.

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