19 December 2008

Jerry Brown Is A Big Fat Idiot

Not that this comes as a surprise, but Jerry Brown has decided to oppose Prop 8 in his official capacity as California Attorney General.
In a surprise move, state Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown asked the California Supreme Court on Friday to invalidate Proposition 8. He said the November ballot measure that banned gay marriage "deprives people of the right to marry, an aspect of liberty that the Supreme Court has concluded is guaranteed by the California Constitution."
It's only a surprise because he's ignoring his legal obligation to defend Prop 8--no matter his personal preference (see what I did there?). He has been antagonistic towards the traditional marriage crowd for, well, ever.

Most everyone who followed wondered what, exactly, he would do to defend Prop 8 as AG. Many of us worried that it would be 'damned by faint defense.' Now we don't have to worry about that. Brown has been outed.

In other news, because the pro-Prop 8 people knew Brown to be unreliable, Ken Starr, a legal rockstar, has been named as lead counsel. This is good news.

Folks, the marriage fight is far from over. Remember, we are Happy Warriors.

(thanks to Jeff G.)

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