21 April 2008

Pennsylvania Day-Eve, &c.

Because we traveled to sunny Southern California last weekend, we weren't able to do our regular reading. This meant, much to our dismay, that we read USA Today. We used to enjoy reading USA Today. It had all these cool features and graphics and stats on the sports page--it was certainly better than our hometown sports page.

Then came the internet.

And our reading taste matured, a little.

After awhile, we realized that USA Today is horrible reporting, horrible writing for the liberal semi-literate. We read, for example, their reportage on the Democratic primary in Pennsylvania and could not believe the amount of editorializing in what was supposed to be a just the facts, please, ma'am article. Mostly it was about the plight of Democrats who can't decide which minority they feel more strongly about giving a chance--a woman or a black man.

Polls still show that both camps will be extremely bitter if the other side wins. What does that bitterness get them? John McCain. Awesome.

Then there's Buzz. Liberal Rev. Buzz Thomas thinks we should all do our religious duty and quit having so many children. It seems the Holy Algorian Environmental Apocalyptic is not satisfied with its denunciation of our (collectively speaking) carbon producin' ways, they're now calling out our kids. This op-ed piece is so ridiculous, we regret even linking to it.

Back to Pennsylvania.

We think tomorrow holds bad news for Obama supporters. No, we're pretty sure he's still going to win. The McCain people we talked to last week are all gearing up for Obama like it's a foregone conclusion. But they, and we, will be more than happy to see Hillary do well in Pennsylvania and continue the fight. The more she bruises him, the less saintly he looks.

And because Hillary is doing the dirty work, McCain and the Republicans won't be the ones blamed for spoiling everyone's Barackian day-dreams. Killing the messenger and all that. Even if the messenger (Hillary) is right about Obama.

With Hillary providing the smack in the face, McCain ought to be able illustrate the extreme left liberal nature of Obama's positions. America is a center-right country, after all, and that's pretty much what McCain is--center-right.

Which brings us to our point about McCain: we've gone from reluctant support of John McCain, to downright admiration for the man (Obama supporter's note: not veneration or adoration). One of the things we appreciate most is McCain's ability to identify talented people and put them in the right spots. We believe that a President McCain will be able to focus on a few of his favorite things--foreign policy, military--and leave the rest to a capable cabinet. Because he's loyal, he'll support them and stand up to the Democrat bullies in Congress. He won't try and micromanage everything.

Hillary would micromanage everything. And if you thought Bush was a "for us or against us" President, wait until you see Hillary.

Obama would community organize everything. That's no way to run a Presidency. What do community organizers do, anyway?

*UPDATE 10:55pm MST: Be sure and check out Emmitt Smith's mock draft. Lots of laughs.

Also, Mark Steyn's weekly installment. He is the best and this week's column is particularly good.

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Ben Treasure said...

"semi-literate liberals"

I'm glad to see that the Elitist Police are corrupt. Thank you for confirming my suspicions.

RD said...

Actually, I have often wondered what a community organizer does. What was Obama's job, exactly? Does anyone know? He mentions it all the time, even in his book, but never says what he did.

I am a semi-literate centrist.

jen said...

I think the fully literate liberals like you ben read the new york times.

Sister Jensen from Sunday School said...

Well then let's all bow to the fully literate Jacob Lybbert. It is a pleasure to be edified at his wise feet. His wisdom is of the type that can only be developed through years of experience, trials and perseverance. Jake has had a really tough life and deserves all the credit in the world for where he is at today. He has borne his trials and tribulations with dignity and honor. Jake could have accepted a silver spoon in the mouth as a child, but he rejected it and has labored among the common men. His time is spent in the service of others, and his hands are rough with the callouses of hard work. He has studied and competed among the best and brightest at BYU, and his immense talents enabled him to study among London's finest. He paid his own way by working random jobs here and there, and he could never be accused of being out of touch. This is a man who speaks in lofty terms, but matches his declarations with action, action, action. It is no surprise that he is the nations's fourth most influential college blogger. He is an example for those who struggle. He is the strength for those who are weak. He has been a strong conservative for so many years now and he reads only the finest media for the most sophisticated minds. We are lucky that he would distill this wisdom down to such readable blog posts and help the lower-browed among us to grasp the simple truths. Please look past the several typos in the latest post, I'm sure he was just tired from getting back from his humanitarian mission to San Diego.

Ben Treasure said...


guilty. thanks for considering me fully literate. sometimes i wonder about that.

Ben Treasure said...

For the record, I love how I'm supposed to get defensive over the fact that I read the New York Times--particularly coming from "Jen," whom I can only assume is one of the Lybberts hiding behind an anonymous tagline. And a girl's name, no less.

Last time I checked, your boy Kristol gets his paycheck from this same publication. But just think...maybe if I read only the work of partisan hacks like the NRO, then maybe I could write just like them too! For some of us, that doesn't work.

(Waiting for the predictable "thin-skinned" sob story comeback. Just waiting.)

buruboi said...

1. I disagree. The USA Today may not be among the greatest newspaper around, but its not run by partisan hacks from the left as this post suggests.

2. The key to being political literacy is reading from a variety of sources. In this way, we remain balanced and less affected by a given newspapers ideology.

3. Ben, I read the NY Times. Its quite good. I'm no fan of Kristol but rather Brooks and Friedman (who seems to have disappeared of late).

4. If the Republicans had fielded a candidate less marketable to the middle, the alleged bitterness between the Hillary and Obama camps would have little influence on the general election. However, given McCain's popularity among moderates this should be a genuine concern of the DNC.

5. Still, for me, McCain in office induces little excitement. Neither does Hillary nor Obama. Perhaps we can have a do over...

Spikers said...

I second a do over.

Matt said...

Guess again, Treasure.

At least you're predictable.

Ben Treasure said...

Oh sweet. More snide remarks from the econo-elitist arm-chair quarterback of life. That's predictable.

Matt said...


Matt said...

You could have at least been creative and called me an econolinguist!

Ben Treasure said...

Hahaha yes. Sorry, Mr. Smith.