16 April 2008

Just Another San Francisco Democrat

McCain's strategists couldn't have written this any better. Before they could even start to go after Obama, they needed him to look like every other politician. They needed him to be de-canonized and join the rest of us on planet earth.

Thanks to some guy with a recorder and Hillary's constant attacks, Obama is starting to rejoin our (planet earth's) orbit.

We won't get into the meat of Obama's recent comments and analyze them the way others have. Suffice it to say that they reveal Obama to be just like every other elitist Democrat Presidential candidate this country has seen for the last 30 years.

Obama is completely unlike average Americans. And we don't just mean redstate Americans. And we don't mean because he is black. He's unlike the rest of us in the same way that Ted Kennedy is unlike the rest of us.

He's an elitist, Chicago-machine politician, who believes in the failed policies of LBJ's Great Society.

Unfortunately for Hillary and because the MSM continues to give Obama a free pass, the sheen is just now coming off of his campaign. Fortunately for America, there are still 200 days to find out exactly what he is about. We suspect that as the general election approaches, voters will become progressively less and less enamored with Obama.

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Ben Treasure said...

Dear Elitist Police:

Please explain to me how making a statement like, "Fortunately for America" is not in line with the same condescending, elitist rhetoric you accuse Barack Obama of embracing? I'm glad this blog speaks "for America" now, since apparently the nation for which you so willingly speak is just aching to get a 71 year old man into office who forgets who's fighting who in Iraq. Then again, this blog ripped McCain apart before he was baptized in the waters of pragmatic (read: hypocritical) "conservatism" when he won the nod. How fortunate.

RD said...

The most ironic thing about Obama's comment is that he attributes anti-trade, anti-immigrant, and religious sentiment to bitterness. Is his protectionist rhetoric a result of bitterness as well, or is he knowingly feeding on the bitterness of voters when he panders about trade? And was his vote against the McCain-Kennedy immigration compromise a result of bitterness, or was he just pandering to the unions that he owes so much to (as he admits in his book)? Does his support of Pastor Wright and his church result from bitterness as well? The 'bitter' statement by itself really isn't a big deal, but I have long felt that there was something disturbing lying under the surface of Obama's shiny smile and lofty speeches. The recent revelations about his radical friends, his two-faced trade rhetoric, and this strange statement combined start to reveal something closer to the real Obama.

Ben, I don't see what's wrong with Jake's "fortunately for America" comment. It's certainly not as presumptuous as you're arguing. After all, it's his blog. Of course he thinks he knows what's best for America, that's why he publishes his opinions. It's certainly not any more presumptuous than you opining that you think McCain would not be good for America.

Ben Treasure said...

My opinion that McCain would not be good for America is hardly presumptuous. If I were to act like I spoke for the entire country in a blog, it would be a different story.

It's his blog, he can say what he wants. Good argument.

RD said...

By the way, Ben, I read some of your blog. I'm very impressed, you're quite a writer. Also, kudos for joining the military.

dr said...

NOW you're telling him what he wanted to hear!

Ben Treasure said...


Thank you! I do what I can. My blog is at times creative, and at other times dead. It is not the production and rhetorical machine that is this blog, which I have to give Jake props for--regardless of our squabbling.