08 February 2007

It's Official: Jason Munns Signs with BYU

We've been following this kid since his Sophomore season at Southridge HS (Kennewick, WA) when he burst onto the scene. We've followed his career ever since. We wrote about him and made predictions in one of our early (admittedly dorky) Top 10 lists. In that list we quoted a coach from a rival high school whom we normally detest: Braves head coach Craig Beverlin had this to say about SHS and Suns QB Jason Munns, "I've been coaching for a long time, and that's one of the better teams I've ever coached against," Beverlin said. "Being one of the oldest guys (in the Big Nine) sometimes I get deja vu; I thought I saw (Drew) Bledsoe out there. I coached against Bledsoe, and I've felt that Munns is an oncoming Bledsoe-type athlete. He did nothing to change my opinion tonight."

We've hoped Munns would go to BYU since Footbal Season 2004 and yesterday that wish came full circle. Now our high school alma mater and college alma matter are inextricably linked.

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At the beginning of Football Season 2006, we travelled to Qwest Field in Seattle to watch Southridge play perennial state power Prosser on the homefield of the Seattle Seahawks. The game didn't go so well for the Southridge or Munns, but that did not get Jason down. After falling behind by a pair of TDs, he literally willed the team down the field for a TD, scrambling for huge chunks of yardage when his WRs couldn't get open. On two consecutive plays, after breaking into the secondary, he litterally sought out the smallish Prosser safety and laid a shoulder into him and plowed over him. That kind of competitiveness is great and inspiring, but we recommend you learn to slide, because in Division I, the safeties are a little bit bigger.

Now Jason, one more bit of advice. Playing QB at BYU is unlike playing QB at any other school in the country. It will be tough to escape the football questions, even when you go to church. It is because some members of the church can't separate their football fandom from their faith that this can be difficult. Ignore the hype (including the hype emanating from this blog) and the criticism. Listen to your family and your friends. Listen to the coaches. Bronco is every bit as good as advertised and his assistants are right there with him. You're fortunate to have great family, friends, and coaches to support you.

And for the love of football, enjoy your time at BYU. If you thought high school was fun, well my friend, you ain't seen nothin' yet. Your 4-5 years at BYU will be the best. Live it up.

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