10 June 2006

Jason Munns: Next Great BYU QB

We first watched Jason Munns play as a Sophomore the Fall of 2004. We recall having a conversation with our brother Matt where we discussed the possibility of having him play for BYU. After returning home from school the following Spring, we remember reading about future recruits and being frustrated by the lack of attention to Washington Preps on Cougarboard, Cougarfan, and Total Blue Sports and wondering why none of them made mention of Munns. So we wrote an email to TBS. Here's the shortened version:
18 May 2005


I am a BYU student and stalwart fan. Currently attending my high school
alma mater is a QB--JasonMunns--who needs to be brought to the
attention of BYU coaches. The high school he attends (Southridge, in Kennewick WA) is in the highest classification in Washington State and comes from the league
that has won 5 of the last 7 state titles. As a Sophomore (in case you
missed it, AS A SOPHOMORE!) he threw for nearly 2300 yards throwing 31
td's and just 10 interceptions. He had a 55.2 % completion rate and a
passing efficiency of 155. Showing his all around athletic ability he was
selected to the all-area basketball team. Remember the name I mentioned before--Jason Munns. This season he will be a Junior. His numbers are at least as good as the senior QB they recruited from the UT school and this kid is a sophomore. Do a simple google search on him and you will see what I mean--he is the real deal.

Jake Lybbert
We don't think we had any idea how prescient that missive would be. Credit TBS for their quick response. Here's Talo Steves' response:
27 May 2005


I spoke to Jason Munss [sic] yesterday and will be doing an article on him soon. Also the information that you've given me will be sent to BYU coaches as well. Good job on this and please let me know if you hear of any other LDS prospects in the Tri-Cities area in Washington. This could be a very good thing you've done.

Talo K Steves
Managing Editor
TBS then ran this article (subscription required), which as far as we know was the first published (digitally or otherwise) information about Munns as a prep recruit. At the time of the article it seemed Jason was more interested in Utah. And who can blame him? They were just coming off a season in which they went to and won a major bowl and had the #1 overall pick in the NFL draft in Alex Smith. That type of performance is pretty persuasive for potential recruits.

Munns went on to have a great junior year (free subscription required), throwing 26 touchdowns to just 6 interceptions and leading his team, the Southridge Suns to the #1 ranking in Washington 4A--the state's highest classification. We wrote about him and the Suns here and here. After the college season was over and signing day passed, the recruiting for '07 began. Most reports had Jason interested in WSU, UW, or Utah. We didn't really think he had a snowball's chance of choosing BYU. And then Jason attended BYU's Junior Day and the spring scrimmage. According to this article at TBS (again, subscription required) he began to see all that BYU had to offer.

As our friend Morgan and brother Matt often point out, BYU's facilities can match those of any program in the country. Our coaching staff is great, with Brandon Doman particularly effective in recruiting Munns. But the academic and spiritual offerings at BYU are incredible. It helps that Munns had recently taken a visit to WSU at Pullman. We've visited Pullman several times--and hope never to go there again. It is small wonder that WSU is known for its drinking as there is little else to do. With WSU, Pullman and Martin stadium as a foil, BYU, Provo, and Lavell Edwards Stadium must have looked like football heaven (it is, isn't it?). So, to Bill Doba and all the folks at WSU: thanks for the recruiting help.

Almost exactly a year later TBS ran this article about Munns and teammate Travis "Moose" Mattair. It seemed to us that Munns was trying to recruit Moose to play for BYU. After reading his quotes, last Sunday's announcement that he would sign a letter of intent to play for BYU was not a complete shock.

Anybody who reads reports about future BYU recruits also loves to watch their video highlights. As far as I know, no links have been provided to these highlights of Jason Munns and the Southridge Suns (free SportsTri-Cities enrollment/subscription required). Simply click on any game involving Southridge and you will be provided with a list highlights.

We love it when we're right, and it's even better when we can so obviously prove how right we are. And it may only be a recruiting battle, but it sure is nice to beat Utah.

Figuratively drunk, as we are, with this recent good fortune, we feel to make another statement we hope proves as prophetical as the first: Jason Munns will be the next great BYU QB


Anonymous said...

I could be wrong but your article states that Jason attended BYU Junior Day...I don't think he was there...

Anonymous said...

he was there all right...read up and you'll see