06 December 2005

Las Vegas Bowl

I guess my campaign to make Curtis Brown the Mountain West Conference Offensive Player of the year fell a bit short--or at least came a year to early.

Named to the 1st Team Offense along with John Beck and Johnny Harline, CB lost out to the fact that Dontrell Moore is a Senior, and, well, people like to give awards to Seniors. Call this the kickoff for his MWC Offensive Player of the Year 2006 campaign.

Thanks to the fact that the BCS is a horrible system and East Coast Bias still prevails, Oregon will take its #6 AP and #5 Coaches ranking and go to the Pac Life Holiday bowl and play 7-4 Oklahoma. When are people going to realize that the Big 12 is over rated? Seriously. The one positive thing to come out of this is that BYU gets to play Cal instead of Toledo (where is Toledo?). Matt and I are still trying to figure out a way to make it to the game.

Remember how the Utah beat BYU? Yeah, me neither. And apparently neither does recruit Mike Muehlmann of American Fork. On Monday this TE withdrew his verbal commitment to be a Ute and made a commitment to Coach Mendenhall. Add this to that list of instances where Utah wins but still loses (yes, I know it's short).

When I was a freshman at BYU back in 1999 I watched BYU beat Cal, 38-28 (I also watched BYU beat UW, remember that one MJ?). My dad and brother were at the game and I remember that we had seats next to a math professor from Cal who had some type of role with the team--academic adviser, maybe. As we were waiting for the Cal kicker to kick the PAT he said that the kicker had hit the upright 6 times already that season. He had been asked to calculate the likelihood of that happening and came up with some ridiculous number--winning the lotter was more likely. Just as he finished telling us this story, the Cal kicker kicked and hit the upright for the 7th time that season. Now what are the odds?

Click here for a generic but good review of the BYU football season.

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Seahawks fans click here for a great article by David Locke of the Seattle PI. Eagles, Giants, Cowboys--if it weren't for hitting the upright (what are the odds?) Seattle would have completely dominated the NFC East--the "toughest" division in the NFC.

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