19 January 2010

Massa-Freakin'-chusetts Elects Republican, Scott Brown, To The Kennedy Family Senate Seat!!1!!eleventy!!!

Never thought I'd see the day.

A year ago, in the darkness that was the winter after the armageddon of the 2008 elections, all us lonely conservative, John McCain-voting people commiserated and said we'd be back and hopefully sooner than people predicted.

No one predicted this quick of a turnaround.

Nope. Gotta give credit where it's due.

First, I'd like to thank President Obama for deferring to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi on his legislative agenda.

Second, I'd like to thank Martha Coakley for running a bad campaign.

Ditto New Jersey governor Jon Corzine & former Virginia governor-hopeful Creigh Deeds.

Thanks also to Reid & Pelosi for their own special brand of incompetence and idiocy. Couldn't have done it without you two.

2010 is shaping up to be a good year for conservatives & Republicans generally. It is poetic that the cause of liberty vs. tyranny was taken up, once again, in MA--the site of the original tea party.

Obama, Reid, Pelosi, the nutroots--none of them understand what happened last night. They still think people hate GWB and will vote for them accordingly. You know what? I hope the remain in their ignorance. The longer they believe they have all the answers, the longer they'll continue their lemming-like march into irrelevance and the better chance Republicans will have of winning big in November.

Indeed, maybe "dirt moving" Clint Didier has a chance vs. Patty Murray in the Washington Senate race after all.

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