19 January 2010

Henninger & Stephens On Intelligence, Haiti, & Terrorism: Get 'em While They're Hot

Bret Stephens #1: Can Intelligence Be Intelligent? - It can and it should. Yes, American intelligence services should be reformed. First, we must understand what has been tried (& failed) in the past because, you know, this is how we avoid making the same mistake again in the future.

Daniel Henninger: An Obama-GOP Entente On Terror - Like Henninger, I believe it is more important to support Obama's efforts in Afghanistan rather than call for a retreat now that he is the man at the top--hoping to score political points. His own party will eventually abandon him, despite their insistence that Afghanistan was the "right" war.

We can and ought to critique his approach and when he "dithers," encourage him to hurry up. But we ought not oppose for the sake of party politics, like he and his party did during nearly all of President Bush's term in office.

Bret Stephens #2: To Help Haiti, End Foreign Aid - As I told my brother last night, I'm not cynical about everyone's efforts to "help Haiti(!)," I'm skeptical. I'm skeptical because of many of the things that Stephens outlines in his column and as a result agree with him:

Help Haiti in the immediate aftermath of this crisis, but end foreign aid as we and Jeffrey Sachs know it.

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