21 January 2010

From The Goldberg File

This great graph, from the recently-begun The Goldberg File (click to subscribe), was brought to my attention by my brother Matt, natch:
I kind of see the American electorate the same way. We were promised all of this fancy-pants great stuff from the Democrats. Their agenda wasn't going to be left or right, but smart, and pragmatic, and intellectually elegant. It was going to be French! The progs talked endlessly about how we were finally going to have a European-style welfare state while keeping all of our economic dynamism and job growth. The technocrats could pick just the right policies, the way one might select this delicate canapé or that insouciant amuse-bouche.
As Matt wrote, "[what Jonah wrote] agrees nicely and says snarkily what we’ve been saying for a while now.

And by "we" he means all those of us who prefer liberty to the technocrats' centrally planned dystopia.

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