13 January 2009

GOTV for Ace

Now that I'm back in London, I expect to be blogging more regularly, owing, of course, to the normalization of my schedule and whatnot.

Given that today is my first day back and I'm still unpacking and recovering from the effects of jet-lag (much worse going forward than back), this one will be short and really, just an appeal for all y'all to go and vote for Ace of Spades HQ as the Best Conservative blog. It's easy and it's true.

Vote here.

Reasons for voting Ace? Well, he and his co-bloggers are all ardently pro-Israel which, you know, makes them "good guys." That ought to be enough right there. And if that isn't enough, they're pretty funny.

It's the last day and the voting is close, your vote could put Ace Over The Top
(good movie).

If you have tips, questions, comments or suggestions, email me at lybberty@gmail.com.