31 January 2009

Another Democrat With Tax 'Problems'

As you've all heard by now, former Senator Tom Daschle had to pay a bunch of back taxes in order to make the grade as Obama's nominee for HHS. Add him to the list with Tim Geithner and not nominee, but still Democrat, Charlie Rangel. What's with these guys?

The real kicker in all of this is the fact that these guys--the Democrats--are the ones who want to increase taxes and redistribute it to the poor. And yet here we have another one not paying his taxes.

Not only are liberals less generous with their charitable donations and whatnot (as proven by hard evidence here), but they don't even fund their fair share of pat-themselves-on-the-back, government nanny-statism.

They don't want to give any of their money--either through charitable giving or taxes--they want you to fund their programs so they can feel good about themselves.

(Disclaimer: Obviously this stereotype doesn't apply to all liberals. I'm sure there are some out there who walk the walk.)

(thanks to notropis for the image & DrewM @ Ace)

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