08 August 2006

Robbie Tobeck-Matt Hasselbeck: Funniest 1-2 Punch in the NFL

Of course, that doesn't count Bill Simmons Unintentional Comedy Rating (subscription required).

On a side note, we're looking for a good, catchy name for these Tobeck-Hasselbeck features. With the onset of the NFL season, we've no doubt we'll see more humor from these two. Any suggestions?

We've written in the past about the verbal jousting that goes on primarily between Seattle Seahawks Pro-Bowl Center, Robbie Tobeck and Seattle Seahawks Pro-Bowl Quarterback, Matt Hasselbeck. This one and this one were written in the run-up to last years Super Bowl. Upon review, we still laugh at our own jokes--David Letterman style--six months after writing them.

In the credit where credit is due department, we take our collective hat off to Tacoma News-Tribune blogger/reporter extraordinaire, Mike Sando. We read everything we can about the Seahawks and this guy (Sando), is the authority.

The latest comedic chapter--a piece about mistaken identities--includes these great quotes from Robbie Tobeck and Matt Hasselbeck.

Asked about fan confusion, Robbie Tobeck noted:

“Just the other day some guy says, ‘You’re Grant Wistrom, right?’ ” center Robbie Tobeck said. “And some other guy goes, ‘No, that’s not Wistrom. That’s Steve Hutchinson.’

“It’s funny because the women always seem to know exactly who I am.”

Click here and judge for yourselves if Tobeck is the lady-killer he claims.

Of course, asked which Seahawks personnel he thinks would be easily confused, Matt Hasselbeck takes a jab at Tobeck.

“Gilby and Tobeck,” quarterback Matt Hasselbeck quipped, comparing his center to 58-year-old assistant coach Keith Gilbertson.

The discerning fan knows Gilbertson is the one who has already undergone hip-replacement surgery. Less-educated fans couldn’t tell Mike Holmgren from Blitz, the team mascot.

Considering that Tobeck is one of the oldest players on the team, Hasselbeck's gibe is spot on. Though an injury (hip or otherwise) to Tobeck could prove disastrous for the Seahawks season. Tobeck's response to Hasselbeck is easy. The Seahawks center may be the grandpa of the team, but he still has more hair than Hasselbeck.

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