15 September 2009

A Cautionary Tale For All You Aspiring Social Planners

there is our inefficient and inequitable system of tax-advantaged, employer-based health insurance. While the federal tax code promotes overspending by making the majority unaware of the true cost of their insurance and care, the code is grossly unfair to the self-employed, small businesses, workers who stick with a bad job because they need the coverage, and workers who lose their jobs after getting sick.

This employer-based system arose not by thoughtful design but as an unforeseen result of price controls during World War II and subsequent tax policy. How this developed and persisted despite its unfairness and maladaptive consequences is a powerful illustration of the law of unintended consequences and the fact that government can take six decades or more to fix its obvious mistakes.
Please, geniuses/social betters/leftists of the Obama administration & Democratic Congress: Rather than doing the relatively easy, obvious thing--introducing reform to correct past government distortion of health markets--design for us a program (yet another) that will bring medical utopia.

I'm sure you'll get it right this time.

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