14 September 2009

9/12: Protests Only Legit When Centrally Organized & Astroturfed, David Axelrod-Style

Apart from Fox News and the conservative blogging community, Tea Parties have received little-to-no coverage from the mainstream media. The people participating in these protests have been completely dismissed and described using a word not appropriate for this family-friendly blog. Mobsters was the "nice" descriptor.

Separately, these people who have taken to the streets and public square to protest have been accused of being, of course, racist. Because to oppose Obama is stupid and irrational and above all else, racist. This is the post-partisan change we've been waiting for: Exactly what we all expected from Obama and his fellow leftists. This was not, my friends, the end of American political history. 52-48--especially given the mitigating factors--is not a sea change.

Anyway, the silent majority took to the streets last Saturday and staged another protest largely ignored and since, diminished and disparaged by the MSM. And they wonder why their ever-diminishing audiences & readers includes almost no conservative Americans. And they also wonder why, in poll after poll, no one believes them anymore.

Whaddya know? Conservatives protesting liberals can come up with witty & clever signage too.

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