06 June 2010

6 June 1944: D-Day

Signatures on the ceiling of the Eagle Pub in Cambridge, UK. The Eagle was a favorite hang-out of American Airmen stationed in Cambridge. Many of these are theirs.

Another picture of the Eagle Pub ceiling. IIRC, they would "write" their signatures using a lighter--by burning them into the ceiling. The pub owner was not impressed.

My brother, Matt, in a German bunker I believe at Pont-du-Hoc, Normandy, France. August 2007.

Matt, again, at Pont-du-Hoc. Pont-du-hoc was a middle section of cliffs splitting the two American D-Day beaches, Utah & Omaha. Army Rangers, in an amazing feat of arms, took these cliffs and took out the large enemy guns firing on our soldiers on Omaha.


My brother, Matt, on Utah Beach, Normandy, France. August 2007.

American Cemetery at Omaha Beach.

American Cemetery at Omaha Beach.

IIRC, Extreme right of American position (between American & British beaches). Looking back towards Omaha Beach.

French people enjoying freedom on Omaha Beach.

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