21 May 2009

Ceding Liberty To Your Social & Intellectual Superiors

Daniel Henninger puts it best (he always does):
Barack Obama isn't a reformer. He's the president of Earmark Nation. We are about to enact the Obama federal health-insurance entitlement, which on top of all the other entitlements and their limitless liabilities will require pulling trillions of dollars more into the federal budget. Whatever nominal public good this is supposed to achieve, it means that they, these 535 pols, most of them gerrymandered for life, will decide in perpetuity the details of how to dole it out.

When this experiment called the United States began some 200 years ago, neither the "liberals" nor "conservatives" of that time imagined their successors would have such vast sway over the nation's income, or that U.S. politics would be mostly factions begging and fighting to have fragments of it disbursed back to them. The phrase "pay to play" would have disgusted them.
That so many Americans (mostly liberals in favor of the ever-growing nanny state) would willingly cede their liberty in favor of a bigger government to take care of them from cradle-to-grave would also have disgusted the Founders.

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