06 March 2009

Semper Fi

Is it just me, or do the Marines seem to like one President more than the other?

See for yourself, at Blackfive, a military blog.

I'm told there are more Democrats in the military now than ever. But Blackfive doesn't think the party is relevant:
I don't think the fact that the party of the President really matters in discussions on whether the troops like him or not. That said. The current president has a lot of deeds to make happen in order to overcome his words:

[ed. note: click link and see video of Obama accusing US military of haphazardly bombing villages & killing civilians. Damned by his own words.]

I mean, come on, would YOU want to work for a boss that has that kind of appreciation for you and your brothers blood?
(h/t DrewM @ Ace)

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