17 June 2007

Matt Berry: "He's a really patriotic guy"

Raisin had a field day with our last post about football patriot and erstwhile OL&L contributor, Matt Berry. But we can take it. In that article, we wrote about John Kerry's infamous botched joke and the usual idiocy from Chuck Rangel and referred the reader to Berry who we argued was an example of the type of person who often volunteers to serve--educated, accomplished, yet desiring to defend his/her country.

Well, Berry has been home from basic for a few months and while preparing for officer candidate school, he has continued working on ConSource--another project we've written about before.

In our daily review of cougarfan.com, we came across a recent ABC News 4 piece about Berry and his military service. His candor is refreshing. None of the false, 'shoot 'em up' bravado the loony left uses to caricature soldiers and conservatives. Nope, Berry is as honest about his patriotic desires to serve his country as he is his fears of what might happen to him in Iraq or Afghanistan. Click here to watch the video.

Thanks for your service, Matt.

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Anonymous said...

Hey pal, aren't you of age to serve active duty in the military? If this war is such an important test of American values, and if our way of life really does need defending, why aren't you over there? I guess the nation needs your service in graduate school just as much as it needs the service of the guys getting blown up by roadside bombs. Yeah, your reading about Edmund Burke and supply side economics is pretty damned important in the long run. After all, we need a whole new generation of right wing leaders and voters to support idiotic and unnecessary wars of choice that require no sacrifice on their own part.

Morgan said...

I love anonymous comments on blogs. Especially ones critical of the author. It shows real ownership of ones thoughts and opinions.

H. Reid said...

Finally, the netroots have come out of the woodwork!

ron mexico said...


isn't this an article about one of those "new generation of right wing leaders and voters" who is "sacrificing" to defend his country? did I miss something? or rather, did you miss something?

Raisin said...

In case you were wondering Jake or Morgan, the anonymous comment wasn't mine.

Have either of you seen Sicko yet?