26 May 2007

Our Friend's Blogs

If you're like us, and enjoy travel blogs, we suggest you click on the link to our friend Fernando's blog, entitled "Fernando's Hideaway." For the last couple of weeks, Fernando has been island hopping in SE Asia and detailing the events of each day on his blog. His interesting experiences plus good writing make for a very interesting read.

Recently added to the list of "Friends of Lybberty" was a link to a music/media blog--Gooses Ganders--co-written by our good, old, friend Michael J. Mouncer. MJ first introduced us to hip hop way back in the day. For those curious about his bona fides, consider also his tenure as lead singer in a Seattle-area band and annual attendance at the Coachella music festival. We noticed in a recent post--from MJ's co-bloggist, Gooseninja--that they are live-blogging from the Sasquatch Festival. We're glad to see MJ putting his Blackberry to good use.

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1 comment:

MJ said...

Thanks for the shout out guys! Keep up the great work! This was the first blog I ever read regularly. Im so busy these days it is hard to keep up with any blogs, though I continue to find your writing interesting (often controversial), topical, and well formated.