27 April 2007

The first "Diversity Day"

Follow up from yesterday:

The one positive coming out of the demonstration against Vice President Cheney? Now BYU's tortured, liberal few wont be as embarrassed when they admit in front of the liberal cool kids that they attend Brigham Young University. You know, because after this rally, they got liberal-protest street cred. Viva la revolucion! Che Guevara, yeah! Let's hear it for the hammer and sickle!

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Fernando said...

As one who attended BYU's commencement this year, I think Vice President Dick Cheney (and the other speakers) did a fantastic job. I would say it's one of the best commencements that BYU has had in recent years.

Matt said...

A few bits and pieces from the local newspapers/programs--

From ABC 4:

Nader had predicted that Vice President Cheney would talk about the Iraq War. He said Cheney could not pass up an opportunity to promote his agenda -- especially before a friendly audience. Nader was wrong. Cheney made no mention of the war in his 15 minute speech at BYU's official commencement ceremony earlier in the day.

From the Salt Lake Tribune:

In an hourlong address that lambasted the current state of American politics and rarely touched on graduation, Ralph Nader encouraged graduates and more than a thousand supporters to seek a higher road and not be enticed by trivial or material promises.

The Tribune again:
Melissa Paredes, a graduate from the international relations program, said she was shocked Cheney was selected to speak. She came to see Nader because she wanted to "be inspired rather than hear controversy."
Joey Franklin, who graduated with a degree in English, said he came to the alternative ceremony because he wanted a more pertinent message than the typically commencement rhetoric.

Irony like this cannot be made up. It's beautiful.

Erik said...

hey jake,

just checking out the website and loved that there was only one good thing coming out of the protests because I thought the whole thing was retarded

Svend said...

sorry I clicked the wrong thing too fast.

I was going to add that I purchased a "I'm alright with DICK" shirt and wore it under my robes at graduation along with others... it was classic and I know you would have loved it

mj said...

"Im alright with DICK" shirt?

Protests at BYU...

The new Berkley?