10 January 2007

He's All Grown Up

Frequent contributor, commentist, and Friend of Lybberty--Morgan Habedank--recently created his own blog, Lost Boy. His first post is a highly entertaining Toyota commercial starring his friend, followed by a review of Maestro's Steakhouse, and finally, his thoughts on Apple's new iPhone.

We congratulate Mr. Habedank on his foray into the blog-iverse and wish him the best.

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1 comment:

Fernando said...

Morgan, congrats on joining the blog scene. I am actually getting back into it. I originally helped Jake get his up and running, but I let mine crash and burn as a I was too busy with school last year.

Jake, a while back you asked me for a link to my blog. Well, it was down at the time, so I didn't have a link. However, I am now trying to get back into the blogging scene, so here it is http://blog.mladineo.com.