25 October 2006

College Roundup

In the last year we've called out students at several institutions of higher learning. BYUSA, --the student government association at BYU with soviet-style elections--felt our wrath in this piece and later in this follow up. We also rang up our friends at the University of Washington for their misguided anti-war protest. Rounding out our history of college critique was a vague mention of the Berkeley's role in giving "academic" credence to attacks on Wal-Mart and a hilarious poem by a Berkeley grad student dedicated to Hezbollah.

Call this, credit where credit is due.

In a recent article about the growth of conservative groups at universities nationwide, The Wall Street Journal covered (subscription required) some of the unique ways College Republicans are striking back at demonstration-happy leftist student groups. Among their more successful stunts, an anti-anti war rally (well attended), an affirmative action bake sale (one price for whites, cheaper for african Americans, even cheaper for latin Americans), and finally a hot dog giveaway, protesting PETA. It seems the College Repulicans now boast more members than the College Democrats. This is due, in part, to a splintering of leftist groups into various anti-globalization, anti-war, pro-choice and on and on, ad nauseum, and well, you get the idea. We're glad to see they are mirroring the grown-up members of their party.

In not-so-recent news, two thumbs down to Columbia students. This other bastion of really really left leaning students recently protested a Minuteman delegation who had been invited on campus to discuss immigration issues. Maybe "protested" isn't a adequate adjective. Calling the Minutemen's views "hate speech," the Columbia student mob used violence and the threat of violence to force the Minutemen from the stage. Bravo, ignorant Columbia students.

It seems "hate speech" consists of anything with which Columbia students don't agree.

Finally, kudos to BYU students. In the next couple of weeks, hundreds of BYU students will travel to battleground states across the country to campaign for congressional candidates. We wish them a safe and productive trip. And may they campaign especially hard for Mike McGavick in our home state of Washington.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with your point on the inappropriate behavior of Columbia students, but give credit to those who are willing to protest the things they feel strongly about. Your comment on "demonstration-happy leftists" makes me question, isn't your blog just another form of protest? Granted, it may be in a proper, less invasive forum, but, is, nevertheless, a way for you to express your views. Don't you respect those who do the same, but in a different fashion? (Violent acts presumably excluded from the aforementioned question.) Is it correct to stereotype those who protest as all "demonstration happy leftists"? And, working off the assumption that your stereotype is correct, perhaps the conservatives would find more popularity (or, discover their backbone) if they were to similarly protest...a display, if nothing else, that shows their passion for the ails of society. I say, bravo to those utilizing the critical amendment of free speech that was so vehemently fought for by our founders.