01 March 2008

Snake Oil, Glass Houses, &c.

This post is a hodge-podge of reader's comments and suggested links. Enjoy.

- Men's Fashion Tips from Vodk Studio (hat tip: Matt L.)

- Our friends over at the RNC sent us (and lots of other people) a link to their new blog. They're looking for a name, so see what you can do.

- From our friend Branden Berns, a link to a fantastic article on Obama's anti-free trade rhetoric. Also from that article, the image used above.

- Also from Branden, this article and the following comments:
Read this guy's third point. Very clever and insightful. I just don't think the economy is doing all that terrible. Unemployment is 5%. In the 70s it was 10% and economists estimate the natural unemployment rate to be between 4-4.5%.

I think it's people like Jim Cramer on CNBC and all the other business journalists that are causing Bernanke to get scared and cut rates like a sissy. We learned business cycles are normal in 110 didn't we?
Like Branden, we're more afraid of the potential for inflation caused by the extreme rate cuts and the "stimulus package" put together by President Bush and Congress. By the time the effects of both are felt, the market will probably have already corrected itself. Market's awesome. (said like Buster Bluth)

- From Matt B., and blogger Ben Treasure, check out Ben's recent post on Drudge's "outing" of Prince Harry. We just have one question for Ben: where have you been every time your beloved New York Times revealed American intelligence secrets thereby putting American soldiers and citizens at risk?

- Along with Ben's well-written post, check out this article by Toby Harnden in the London newspaper, The Daily Telegraph about Matt Drudge and The Drudge Report (hat tip: Matt L.).

- Weekly plug for our fellow America's Future Foundation College Blogger competitors: - Weekly Fantasy Baseball plug:

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- Homer Nods: In Friday's post we reviewed the upcoming BYUSA elections and chided some of the candidates for simple spelling, grammar, etc., errors on their official websites. An anonymous reader, presumably a supporter of one of the campaigns, rightfully called us out for a typing error in an earlier post. We corrected the error but left the comment.

*UPDATE 2 March 8:57pm MST: Just got permission to link to this, an article about our brother and his fiancee--mostly about his fiancee.

**UPDATE 9:45pm MST: We're doing a little more research on Prince Harry's outing, here's another good article (in addition to Ben's, posted above). Warning: explicit language.

***UPDATE 10:25pm MST: Excellent tribute to WFB from our fav. conservative clinical psychologist and philosopher.

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Ben Treasure said...

I will be the first to condemn the Times, both right now for their actions in the past, and in the future should they reveal the location of specific units (and soldiers individually).

Cheers for the link, but this is revolting.

All I will ask you and the readers of this blog is, most of whom seem content to arm-chair quarterback this war, where is the real support for the troops? I will condemn the New York Times as much as anyone else when they out troop locations. Drudge, your friend and cohort, outed the location of a specific soldier and his unit, for reasons none other than to boost hits on his site while potentially compromising the safety of coalition forces fighting to keep everyone over here safe.

What would this blog, and others, do had a foreign press agent outed the location of a Romney son fighting in Iraq? You people would have declared World War 3. But wait, that's right, Romney's kids are all sitting cush with their silver spoons in hand in the States. I guess we'll have to wait for an outing of Mccain's sons, since they actually served, to see this double standard first-hand.

By refusing to condemn Drudge, you have shown that you will not support the safety of American and coalition forces through real actions, but only through opinion peddling, as Justin Wright put it, or when it is convenient to your comfortable position in only furthering a conservative political rhetoric - and not supporting the lives of people enacting real change on your behalf.

The men and women fighting this war deserve support, not hot air from bloggers - or direct sabotage, in the case of Drudge. You have highly disappointed me in not condemning this action by Drudge, and have escalated your obviously passe attitude towards the troops by choosing simply to highlight my affection for the New York Times as my newspaper of choice. And to borrow a phrase from my friend Mark Patterson, this is nothing short of fair weather patriotism.

Join the ranks of Romney and your boys at the Weekly Standard, Natty Review, et al and keep pushing hot air instead of actually sacking up to the call of duty.

Matt said...

Come on, Ben, are you trying to say that the Times' act of revealing sensitive information is more defensible than Drudge's actions? Jake is asking only for consistency, here, not defending Drudge.

Ben Treasure said...

Did you not read when I condemned the Times?

I find it funny that all you two, and the rest of your fans here in the echo chamber, simply want to debate rhetoric and semantics while shying away from direct action or taking any legitimate stand, guiding real policy discussion, or establishing any real credibility in the process.

I'll let you arm-chair service members and opinion peddlers carry on without me from here. This blog has turned into a forum for exactly that type of mentality and has done nothing to either establish any universal understanding and compromise, or advocate anything that isn't rhetorically convenient. And as such, I can no longer respect it or its authors as anything more than internet warriors who fight only on the most convenient fronts possible.

Matt said...

Read my simple comment (two sentences) and then re-read your last two, and tell me whose is full of rhetoric and semantics.

I thought this could be mature and void of personal attacks, but I see now that this was wishful thinking.

Ben Treasure said...

Or you could turn this entire forum into a sob fest?

Matt said...

I love it when my point is made for me!

Ben Treasure said...

Haha yeah trust me Matty I think your "point" has already been made quite clearly.

Matt said...

Just can't stay away! When we getting together for dinner?

Mark said...

Can't we all just get along? Here is my top ten. I actually wrote a deliciously self-righteous four page rant about all this but I don't know where to put it....Facebook maybe. Anyway for now here are my top ten thoughts.

1. What Drudge did was wrong.
2. Prince Harry is awesome.
3. Not enough upper-class educated Americans are willing to serve in the military.
4. Barack Obama is not JFK
5. The "surge" is working...sort of
6. Iran is killing our soldiers almost daily.
7. Mark is tired of sappy anti-war movies....Stop-Loss anyone..
8. Ann Coulter is Satan
9. Mark is tired of Save Darfur bleeding hearts who also oppose the Iraq War on moral grounds, um how do they think we would stop the Janjaweed from slaughtering innocent people? Petitions?

10. Oh and if anyone out there is interested in actually supporting the troops. Write your Senator and tell them to vote for the New GI Bill in the Senate. This new law will finally give Veterans a GI BIll eqivalent to what we used to have post WWII. Too bad it isn't retroactive....sigh

MJ said...

First off, Ben, I believe that McCain's son's served in the Korean War. Second, most of us playing arm chair QB DO support the troops, just not this silly, EXPENSIVE war.

Here is the irony folks, for thousands of years, the English publicized where the King and Queen's sons were doing battle.

The New York Times Rocks AND this is no echo chamber dude. If anything, you should CONTINUE TO POST AND READ THIS BLOG, it will EMPOWER you and ENLIGHTEN others. Remember, the number of people who post a blog represent hundreds or thousands of folks who read but do not post.

AND I would write to my senators if I didn't have to spend all my time begging for my freaking NBA basketball team to not be stolen by a bunch of hillbillies in Oklahoma City!!!!

WAR Bloggers shaking things up!!!!