09 March 2008

College Blogging, Fantasy Baseball, &c.

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- Grats to Adam Ruri and Chance Basinger for winning the BYUSA election.

- Weekly plug for our fellow America's Future Foundation College Blogger competitors: - Weekly Fantasy Baseball plug:

With just over 13 days until the start of the official On Life and Lybberty Fantasy Baseball League Draft, there's not much time for you to join. If you love statistics, baseball, or just plain old competition, join up! The rosters are set small and only require once-a-week maintenance.

Fox Sports Fantasy Baseball

League ID: 32043
League Password: lybberty

Join and tell your friends.

- In case you missed it last week, check out this, an article about our brother and his fiancee--mostly about his fiancee.

If you have tips, questions, comments, suggestions, or requests for subscription only articles, email us at lybberty@gmail.com.

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MJ's Fake Name is MJ said...


You are a very gracious writer to offer links to the blogs you are in competition with. Very cool and fun for us readers! At first I was a little nervous that The Critical Badger and The Irish Rover might be naughty sites...but a quick check showed me they are some cool blogs.

The Notre Dame blog has a great deal of contributors, and a very interesting article today on The Vagina Monologues.

And even though I grew up in Southern Washington State, I never knew there was so much to Comment on in Oregon. As a devoted Dawg fan, I was surprised and very interested to see their blog take a negative stance on the Pit Crew. An unruly bunch I have had numerous run-ins with. Thankfully, I have friends in the Pit Crew, however, they have made many people's lives very difficult in recent years.

I encourage your readers to check out the article on Abstinence-Only Education working, especially after the recent numbers released by the US Centers for Disease and Prevention. I would be interested to know what the STD count is at individual universities...further, maybe it would be interesting to see how different campuses define the word 'sex.'

I read a great post on the Critical Badger regarding Tim Couch...no, the other, more interesting Tim Couch...regarding posting. He is sponsoring a bill that makes anonymous posting online illegal. Get this, $500 for a first offense. Ouch!

Chris at Surveillance has done a good job too. He basically has re-written all my favorite Tech/media articles of the past couple months. His blog is predictable, but well-written. Definitely a place to keep up on the iPhone.

The Patriot blog is much more beneficial to the populous than the Act by the same name. No one does activism like Cal does. I really like these folks. Check out March 6, "Get your degree in Marijuana."