10 January 2008

A Little Friendly Competition

Today, on our way up Little Cottonwood Canyon we received a bit of good news. It seems we've been chosen as one of 10 finalists in the America's Future Foundation College Blogger Contest. Per the email:
Dear college blogger,

Thanks for entering the America's Future Foundation College Blogger Contest. I'm happy to let you know that you've been chosen as one of ten finalists. You are now eligible to compete for the $10,000 grand prize. Contest judges will now regularly monitor your blog through April at which point they'll announce a winner.
As our father said as we read the email aloud, "What? Were their only 10 entrants? How did you make it in?" Doses of humility are never in short supply in our family.

Other blogs in the competition:
Granted, if they are listed in order of first to last in, we are bringing up the rear. Congratulations to our fellow conservative competitors. May the best man/woman/group thereof win.

We're gratified that columnists we've read for years will serve as judges for the competition. Surf on over to their respective websites and give them a read:
Thanks to all our faithful readers whose kind words and criticism keep us working hard. Don't forget to pass the good word about OL&L.

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Morgan said...

Really? Him? (in the style of Arrested Development when referring to George Michael's memorable girlfriend)

Brian said...

You're going down, man!

J/K - Best of luck to you.